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AZ Math Partnership Showcase

AZ Math Partnership, funded in 2012, is a Targeted project focused on Math for Middle School grade levels. Here is some featured work.



Inspiring Our Youngest Mathematicians
This video will focus on how we inspire our youngest mathematicians through our AMP Camp (Arizona Mathematics Partnership).…   more >

AMPing Up the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics in the Middle Grades

The Arizona Mathematics Partnership (AMP) project is focused on professional development with middle school math teachers, led by community college...   more >

In The Press
AZ Math Partnership hosts Summer Math Camp for Middle School Students

View highlights from AMP's first Summer Math Camp for Middle School Students, hosted in June of 2014. AMP Camp from...   more >

Papers and Reports
Teaching Straight F's: The F's of Managing the CCSS Mathematical Practices

"As mathematics educators, one of our primary jobs is to insure that as many of our students as possible learn,...   more >

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